"Forecast in Units and Values,
                        Marketing and Sales Integration and
                                            Cooperation with the Clients."

S&OP Process Modernization Highlights

Increase the forecast quality and work on the Sales and Demand alignment:

  • Using Statistics Algorithms to incorporate growth and seasonality to the forecasting models;
  • Identify the business events to feedback the forecasting models;
  • Understand the Demand/Sell Out with information provided by specialized institutes.

Make it simple to visualize the past and the future by “sku”, products family, product/marketing managers, sales representatives/key accounts/managers, etc:

  • Allow adjustments in the baseline according to the knowledge and process;
  • Comments about the adjustment can be made by the users in the baseline and are very important because they can be used to feedback the sales and demand forecast models;
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like ActualXForecast are available to the process;

Marketing and Sales Integration by Distribution Channels:

  • Stocks visibility in the Supply Chain;
  • KPIs visibility in the Supply Chain;
  • Sales Plan to feed the MPS.

Cooperating with the Clients to improve the relationship:

  • Get stocks and sell out/demand data from the Clients;
  • Offer planning information and KPIs to the Clients.

Improving the process through software components technology deployment:

  • Services Web Portals instead of traditional information systems;
  • Short term services implementation based on the software components availability;
  • Browzing the information;
  • Make easier the collaboration among the participants.