"Business Focus,
                    Add Expertise and
                                        Improve Professional Skills."

S&OP Process Outsourcing

The clients are looking for value added services to enhance their business, not for software tools. They want to focus on the business and get more expertise on board.

With this in mind and based on the business experience of our consultants, FC Deploy decided to turn into the direction to provide business services instead of software tools, fully committed with client processes.

Sales and Demand forecasting, generated by statistics algorithms, is the first step of the Sales and Demand modernization process. A sustainable base line scenario, keep growing in quality, will contribute to a better planning and operations process. Stock and service levels, will be better planned and managed based on the sales and demand forecasting accuracy.

Look ahead and plan the operations based on the future demand!

Our users provide us with the historical Sales and Demand monthly data and we generate the forecast.

The forecast is generated by a FC Deploy consultant, using the software ForecastXTM Wizard, in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format to be imported by the Portal S&OP.

The user can also provide additional information like business events, so the FC Deploy consultant can use them to feedback the forecast models and deliver better scenarios.

The S&OP Web Portal (Portal S&OP) will be hosted in the FC Deploy servers.

Ask for a services proposal sending an e-mail to consultoria@fcdeploy.com.br