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Sales and Operations Plan, S&OP

FC Deploy is concerned with the education of professionals to work with S&OP and so offers seminars about Sales/Demand Forecasting and Operations Planning.

The Seminars take place every Tuesday, from 9 to 11AM, at the FC Deploy facilities.

Please send an e-mail to suporte@fcdeploy.com.br, and make your reservation in the next Seminar.

The Seminars agenda covers the following subjects:

  • S&OP (Sales and Operations Processes)  
  • Users/Participants Collaboration/Cooperation
  • Scenarios
  • Events/Promotions
  • Sales, Inventories and Capacity
  • Safety Stock and Safety Time
  • Simulations
  • ERP Integration
  • Portal S&OP™ Implementation Strategy

The collaboration/cooperations among the participants of the S&OP is key to the process modernization.